Fiona Wilson Fine Art

Fiona Wilson // Figurative Painter and Experimental Printmaker

Fiona Wilson is a Scottish figurative painter and experimental printmaker. She works as a contemporary fine art artist, portrait painter and printmaker and printmaking tutor based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her work is based largely upon her experiences during extensive worldwide travels and of simple observations of human life and interaction nearer to home in Scotland.

Here you will find galleries of her most recent works, explanations of some of the art processes used and there is the opportunity to purchase both original paintings and monotype prints as well as high quality giclee reproductions of some of Fiona’s favourite images.

Blue Woodland

I am absolutely delighted to be able to tell you all that my abstract painting, “Blue Woodland,” was accepted into the prestigious Society of Scottish Artists’ 125th Annual Art Exhibition.

New York Sketchbooks

Even though this was going to be my third trip to New York City, this one was going to be extra special. It was just with my mum, who has been to New York lots of times, but usually with her sister. My husband joked that it would be fun for her to go with me for a change so we could spent some quality time together, and next thing I know, I have agreed to go along and everything is booked for August 2023!