I missed this last year, so I was very excited to have the chance to join in. The challenge is to draw something every day during the month of February and post it onto the facebook page for everyone to see. It happens that I am touring around northern Argentina for the month, so I have decided to post pictures from my travel sketchbook. I will add each day in order until the end of the month when I will do one big picture for the final exhibition in Glasgow at the Old Hairdresser’s on the 4th March.

1 FEB 2012 : KLM flight Amsterdam to Sau Paulo
2 FEB: La Esquina de Gorriti y Uriarte, Buenos Aires
3 FEB: La Boca, Buenos Aires
4 FEB: La Fabrica Del Taco, Buenos Aires
5 FEB: La Esquina de Gorriti y Thames, Buenos Aires
6 FEB: Palza 9 de Julio, Salta City

More to follow…

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