Abstract Paintings by Fiona Wilson Fine Art

Abstract Paintings

Having spent many years developing more traditional painting skills I realised more recently that I wanted to take my painting practice even further and incorporate a more intuitive style of working into my newest abstract paintings. In my most up to date work I find I am taking the skills I have learned from experimental printmaking, combining them with the free and loose sketches and studies I make in my sketchbooks and incorporating them both into my painting practice. The vehicle of abstract art is perfect to develop these nuances and it is exciting to work so freely, untethered by definite subject matter. These new paintings push beyond the realm of replicating real subjects and are a chance for me to work from the heart.

All my work centres around telling stories, whether it be fairytales and myths or collected stories and ideas from my travels. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have seen and learned about other far off places and the people who live there. Not all of my work is from far-off places though and you can find influences in my work from Scottish landscapes close to my home as well as landscapes of the river Ganges in India. To have had the time to examine their cultures and learn what lives in people’s hearts and all the other wonderful, and not-so wonderful, things in the world is a privilege and I want to share these experiences through my prints and paintings.

Below is a collection of my most recent work, much of which is also for sale through my online shop.