I missed yesterday as I only accompanied my husband to Waitrose and Dales Cycles for a bit of domestic shopping. I was dying a death after over-exerting myself at the studio and the opening!
So I skip quickly on to Saturday.

We had planned a trip through to Edinburgh to drop off new work to Bon Papillon and to pick up my piece from the Royal Scottish Academy. At Bon Papillon, I was dropping off some works for the new show, LIGHT – COLOUR – LAND, opening on March 2nd 2013. When I first started painting, I made a series of collaged works based on my travels, particularly to Spain, Italy and the Canary Islands. I have had one, that I have been particularly reluctant to part with, that has been displayed above my fireplace where I can see it everyday. I am sure because, I will miss it, that it will be sure to be sold. I also don’t seem to have a reference picture of it which is even worse!

Alongside a smaller collaged piece called Above Nerja, I also submitted one of my new monotype and mixed media pieces on paper called  The Western States. I started producing these printed paintings at The Glasgow Print Studio using the technique of monotype as a basis. Over the initial layers of montoype, I add paint, block print and relief print with found objects such as cut out papers and wallpaper. It gives a really rich effect to the colour and I love the embossing that some of the collaged items give to the paper.

The western states, mixed media on monotype

The Western States was inspired by a trip across Arizona to find as much of Route 66 as we could. This view was from the North East area of the state, where the rocks are red and the landscape dry and dusty. As we visited in July, it was also very, very hot.

I love all these landscapes dearly and it makes we wonder why I don’t make more. Perhaps I worry about the fact they are so different from my figure works, but in some ways, that makes them more special to make. Sometimes it is also difficult to change track with artworks and still seem coherent in what you are producing as an artist, something I may explore more, perhaps through producing figurative studies in mixed media as well as just in classical oils.


Have No Regrets, Monotype print 1/1

On a less fun note, I also had to pick up my unsold work from the Royal Scottish Academy show. I was so honoured to have the piece in the show as I had never really felt ‘accepted’ as an artist. It was a great show to be part of and when we went to pick up the work there were these signs to greet us.

What a difference to The Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) where the majority of their show is from their accredited members rather from new, open entrant artists. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed the RSA show so much, as there was so much new work there to inspire, rather than a parade of the same old stuff. Take note Glasgow!

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