Featured Artist Show at Scotlandart in Glasgow

Featured Artist Show at Scotlandart by Fiona Wilson

Featured Artist Show at Scotlandart Gallery in Glasgow, 2017.

I have been exhibiting regualrly at Scotlandart.com for several years now so I was delighted when I was asked to put together a selection of new artworks for a featured artist show, in August 2017, to follow on from my successful solo show there last year. I have been very busy since the start of the year working on several commissions but I have still found the time to produce some new pieces for the show.

These new paintings, in oils, build on my previous themes of the bird women and burlesque performers and introduce some of my ideas about women and nature. The first two paintings, studies of a mysterious woman in a white corset and petticoat, show my new direction into impressionistic mark making and pared down details to create works with atmosphere and intrigue. Who is this woman and why does she pose with a peacock feather mask? The innocence of the white clothing playing off against the black of her hair and the mask. 

The next two paintings, Berry Ruffle and Summer Crown, are paintings based on studies of my friend Sandra who came to pose for me last year. She has a beautiful blonde complexion and Scandinavian bone structure that just makes me think of summer maidens in the sunshine. The Berry Ruffle acts as a study for a larger piece that is still in progress and the summer crown paves the way for my new ‘Natural Woman’ series that I am currently working on for next year. In these new works, I aim to push the boundaries of my skills in painting and printmaking and to create works that say a little about our relationship with nature and the earth as a whole.

The final painting, Pillbox hat, was a small study of Daria, my muse for the Crow women series of paintings and prints. I may revisit that theme when the summer light fades and we plunge back into the grey of winter, but for now, I am clinging onto summer!

The show will open on Friday 4th August 2017 at 5pm with a welcoming reception at the Gallery on Bath Street in Glasgow. I hope to see you there, and if you cannot make it, my works can be viewed at the gallery online here. Below are a selection of the works that will be for sale in the gallery.

Ol Painting Lady in White Corset

Oil Painting Lady in White Corset

Ol Painting model wearing berry ruffle

Oil Painting model wearing berry crown

Oil Painting Lady Wearing Pillbox Hat


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