Although my creative styles and influences have been distilled over the many years of my artistic practice the one core theme I keep returning to is my interest in capturing the image of the human form in figurative oil paintings and monotype prints.

Being largely self-taught to paint the human figure as a child by sketching the people around me I further developed my style and technique over the years through personal practice and through my degree course at the Glasgow School of Art. After spending some years under the mentorship of highly respected Glasgow artist Alexandra Gardner I feel that I have finally achieved the level of technical and compositional skill I need to put onto canvas the truest form of my vision. I don’t believe that an artist will ever completely be satisfied with their work and to this end I have most recently been studying the colour theories of Josef Albers and am greatly enjoying incorporating this into my newest works which have yet to be added to this gallery.

Fiona regularly undertakes portrait painting commissions so if you enjoy the style of figure painting you can see below why not have yourself painted in a similar way. You can find more information, and see examples of some of her past portraits on the Portraits page of this site.