About Me

Fine Art Figure Painting

From the first moment I could hold a pencil, I drew people and their portraits. On the train, in the airport, from my bedroom window. When my friends were outside playing I would be found sketching something or someone. For some reason the human face, with all its individual characteristics, is something that I have always felt compelled to capture. My fine art figure painting is less about grand concepts – my intention is not to create deep and meaningful pieces of conceptual art – and more about the simple desire to portray life around me, be it a human being, a building, or an interesting object, almost in a reportage style. I am fascinated by the way light falls against surfaces creating colours and textures that I feel compelled to capture and translate onto canvas with paint and, in doing so, I simply seek to create beauty in what I am viewing.

I have always loved the work of the impressionists, particularly of the movement and colour in Degas’ dancers and Toulouse Lautrec’s bawdy damsels of the theatre. I am fascinated by the colours and life in the world of the performer and it is perhaps for this reason I was drawn to creating paintings of flamenco dancers and burlesque performers. I adore the nostalgic feeling these art forms evoke and strive to capture the inner beauty and energy of every performer I portray.  I am drawn to places that exude a faded glamour. From the crumbling beauty of the streets of Venice, to the stark landscapes and forgotten treasures of the 50s along the American highways, I have a strong desire to cement these snapshots into my mind by using fine art techniques that were once used for much grander subjects than a crumbing doorway or a dilapidated diner on Route 66.

Because of the success of my figurative and personal portrait paintings I am now regularly commissioned to paint portraits. During these portrait sessions I work closely with a client to create an artwork that is a good likeness of a person or place, but at the same time drawing on my own personal observations and to add a feeling of personality within the image.



After graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1991, Fiona pursued a 13 year career teaching art, design and animation in Universities and colleges in Northern England and Scotland. In 1999 she moved back to Scotland and discovered the Glasgow Print Studio where her love of making pictures was reborn. In 2005, Fiona left full time teaching to work as a full time as an artist and printmaker. She currently works from a WASPS Artist’s studio in Glasgow, Scotland.

Born 1969 
BA (Hons) Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1991
Post Graduate in Computer Animation (3D CAGTA) at the University of Teesside 1992
Lecturer in Design, Newcastle College of Art & Design, 1992 – 1995
Senior Lecturer in Visualisation, University of Teesside, 1995- 1998
Lecturer / senior lecturer Art and Design, James Wall College, 1998-2005
Artist in Residence, Linthouse Urban Village (LUV) 2008
Monotype Printing Tutor, Glasgow Print Studio, 2014 – present
Self Employed, full time as an artist and designer from 2005 -present