Blue Woodland

Abstract Painting Accepted into SSA 125th Annual Exhibition

I am absolutely delighted to be able to tell you all that my abstract painting, "Blue Woodland," was accepted into the prestigious Society of Scottish Artists' 125th Annual Art Exhibition.
New York Sketchbooks
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Sketchbooks, sightseeing & shopping in New York City

Even though this was going to be my third trip to New York City, this one was going to be extra special. It was just with my mum, who has been to New York lots of times, but usually with her sister. My husband joked that it would be fun for her to go with me for a change so we could spent some quality time together, and next thing I know, I have agreed to go along and everything is booked for August 2023!
Samarivan painting of a vw camper van in a forest for The Samaritans charity art auction

SAMARIVANS – a fundraising painting for the Samaritans

Every artist was sent a parcel containing a canvas panel sprayed with the feint beginnings of a VW camper van image to decorate or create a work as they wished. I was working to a tight deadline so I opted to use acrylics for their quicker drying times. I often paint with acrylics and, because I love the layering qualities of the paint, I often use it for my abstract artworks that you can see here.
A fresh start for 2023

A fresh start for 2023

I've had so many good ideas rolling around in my head lately that I decided to take the time this year to make some space, both physically and mentally, for realising these dreams and encouraging those creative promises to come true.

The Death of Us

The Prince of Change (detail) - Monotype on paper New Calavera Monoprints and Skull Copper Etchings This year has been a whirlwind of deadlines and commissions, so it is wonderful to celebrate the end of my art year with a Featured Artist…
Lemon Skies Painting by Fiona Wilson (detail)

How Nicholas Wilton and ART2LIFE changed my life

Sometimes when we are at you are at your most lost, the Universe answers your question with an opportunity. Browsing facebook, I came across Nicholas Wilton from ART2LIFE who was running a free week long course as a taster for his yearly abstract painting course called Creative Visionary process (or CVP for short). I watched the videos on design, value and colour and followed the live calls and suddenly I started to see the world through new eyes.

Looking back and going forwards

Everywhere I look I see mantras about how we should live our lives. Don't look back, have no regrets, you can't change the past, be in the present, follow your dreams, look to the future! I say you should look back. Look back at your failures and successes and use them positively to help develop a style of working that reflects your current ideas.
My Recommended Materials for Travel Sketchbooks

My Recommended Materials for Travel Sketchbooks

So a couple of days ago I was really excited to be invited to take part in the Art2Life Kitchen Table Art Project online discussion! The theme of the 90 minute episode was all about Slowing Down and was about our relationship with gardening and how we notice and live with nature in our daily lives
Kitchen Table Art Project - Fiona Wilson

Chatting with Nicholas Wilton on Art 2 Life Kitchen Table Art Project

Last night was an exciting evening for me, as I had been invited to appear as a guest artist on the ART2LIFE weekly Kitchen Table Art Project video call. The theme was Slowing Down and was all about our relationship with gardening and how we notice and live with nature in our daily lives. More specifically we spoke about ways in which we could use these things as inspiration for our new art works.