I have not been on here for some time as my back broke: I have had herniated disks in the past but it was hard to remember just how sore back pain is. I have nerve damage in the left foot from the disk herniation three years ago, but this time, the old foot went just as numb and droppy, like an old piece of meat hanging off my ankle. In the painting I collaged a piece of text ‘nothing left’ found in the sunday paper. I liked the play on words for my missing left foot and also the feeling that since I couldn’t paint, there was nothing left for me in a mental sense. The roses are to represent the fragility of my spine and the spikiness of the pain it gives me. I had been listening a lot to Paloma Faith’s I’m a broken doll, so the idea kind of stuck.

The painting will be shown this Friday at the Aspect Prize exhibition in Paisley Museum and Art Gallery.

When I couldn’t paint, I found I could do a little drawing, so I spent a long time planning for the bigger paintings. These two wood panels (30 x 30cm) were printed up using oil paint and the drawn over. They were for an exhibition at the Glasgow Print Studio where the image had to have some printing in it. I chose montype as I couldn’t get into the studio to the etching I really wanted to do. Hopefully, I will be able to go in soon, although this recovery is taking a long time.

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