I am delighted, that after many years of trying to get a venue at this wonderful event, with no success, that I have finally managed to get my work shown this year at The Fisher Gallery right on the High Street!

The Secret Gardens: mixed media on wood, 21 x 16cm

I must admit, that I took the opportunity to have a little break from oil painting burlesque ladies and headed to the Glasgow Print Studio to make some new monoprints inspired by my trips to Fife and particularly the village of Pittenweem. I produced a fair number of prints but was inspired, by them, to make some small mixed media works on wood, of the boats and houses I sketched and photographed a couple of years ago.

Paintings in progress: it was great getting the glue out again!

Here are the works in the first stages where I added the collaged and printed elements to the pictures. I really enjoyed getting covered in glue and paint – the early stages are the fun bit!

Pittenweem Harbour 3: mixed media on wood 21 x 16cm

I have always loved the boats that are moored there, and at Crail harbour. There is something about their intricate design combined with the jolly colours of the paint hiding the rust creeping at the edges. Here is one of the finished paintings of those very fishing boats. In the paintings, I have layers of collaged found paper, print, splattered paint and printed relief. Feel free to click on the picture above to see a bigger version.
I plan to do some larger works based on these little studies, but for now I will delighted if these little paintings find new homes!

West Shore, Pittenweem, monotype & ink on paper, 32 x 45cm

The Pittenweem Arts Festival is well worth a visit. It runs this year from 5th August (opening evening) to the 14th August. Saturday 6th August features lots of events including the Plein Air Painting event and a torchlight parade in the evening finished off by a great fireworks display. Maybe see you there!

ps. The work will still be on view until the end of October, so if you missed the festival, you can still catch the art.

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