Portrait Painting Commissions – Prices

Portrait Commission Prices

Thank you for considering using my services to paint a portrait for you. I have worked as a professional painter and printmaker full time for more than ten years and have always specialised in figure and portrait work. One of the highlights of my work as a painter is being able to capture the likenesses of people through portrait painting commissions. I regularly produce portraits in oil paint and charcoal but am also very happy to work with mixed media, monotype printmaking and inks for an alternative look to the piece.

Aside from the many portrait painting commissions I have been asked to undertake I have several artworks held in personal and commercial collections across the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland and Australia and have exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute, amongst others.

When producing a portrait (where the subject is available) the most common process would be to make preliminary sketches and photographs in real life, in a setting you feel comfortable in, and then continue to finish the work back at my studio here in Glasgow. For portraits of people who are no longer with us I am able to work from a good-quality photograph. In all instances I will be very happy to discuss the best creative process with you and advise you of the best imagery with which to use as a reference. I also have been known to paint portraits of dogs too, either alone or as part of their owner’s portrait, so don’t be shy.

I can work in any size and prefer to work on a stretched canvas. I have listed a few of the most common sizes and formats below as a general guide but please do not hesitate if you’d like me to produce a portrait painting that is a specific size for you. There are so many options it would be impossible to list everything. The best thing to do would be to take a look at the prices below and then write to me or call me so that we can talk about your requirements. By far the most common format and medium for a painting would be a full-colour oil painting on a 20×16 inch canvas. If you would like me to travel outside the central belt of Scotland then I usually charge travel at cost price. The prices below are for portrait paintings of a single sitter – if you require a family portrait then please let me know when you make your enquiry.

MediumInchesCMPrice (GBP)
Single Colour Oil12×1230×30400
Single Colour Oil16×1240×30450
Full Colour Oil12×1230×30600
Full Colour Oil16×1240×30650
Full Colour Oil16×1640×40800
Full Colour Oil20×1650×40950
Full Colour Oil40×30100×751750
Full Colour Oil50×40140×1002200

You will no doubt want your portrait to be framed and I am more than happy to offer my advice in that respect. You are very welcome to take the finished piece unframed, and organise the framing yourself, or I can also have the work framed for you and supplied completely finished and ready to hang on the wall.