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All the Shoes I loved – For Sale

30 March 2017

All the Shoes I've Loved

All the Shoes I’ve Loved – For Sale

In 2015, I decided to take the necessary step of letting go of all my high heeled shoes. Why? you ask. Well I managed to herniate 4 disks in my lower back a few years ago leaving me with nerve damage in my lower leg and foot. The injury means that in order to keep my foot useable for years to come, I must wear a heavy plastic leg brace that will only fit into training shoes 2 sizes too big.

I held onto the shoes for two years as they felt part of my identity. I loved to dress up and the shoes made me feel feminine. I was a shopaholic, unable to walk past a shoe shop without having a wee look in. I loved dressing up and wearing heels even though I was nearly 6ft tall in bare feet. Saying goodbye to these shoes was like saying goodbye to a loved one, and accepting that I’d never be the same, fully able bodied person, again. 

Now I have kept this painting for two years, I feel able to let go of it, but I don’t want to sell it anonymously through a gallery to someone I do not know. It is a subject so close to my heart, that I want to offer it at a reduced price to someone that I know or can meet in person, so I know where this special painting is living.

I understand, however, that not everybody can afford an original oil painting at this large size so I am also releasing a very small run of giclee archival prints of the painting, numbered and signed by myself. There will only be 10 prints of this painting and only one of the original painting itself.

The sale details are as follows:

Title: ‘All the Shoes I’ve loved’
Details: Oil on clear primed linen canvas, 60cm x 60cm + frame, 
Price: £2300 [This painting, and more of my work, is currently being exhibited at the Velvet Easel Gallery in Edinburgh as part of their next show opening July 8th 2017]
Purchase Here

Prints will be produced in a very limited edition of just 10, sized at 45 x 45cm plus a 3cm border all round and are £150 + postage for the first 5 with the price rising accordingly for the last 5 in the edition. Please visit my shop to purchase a print.

The prints will be delivered ready for you to frame as you wish, and the painting will come in the hand painted, dark grey new modern line, frame as shown in the picture above. I have also included close up pictures of the painting below so you can see the texture of the brushstrokes and the canvas.

All the Shoes I've Loved

All the Shoes I've Loved

All the Shoes I've Loved

All the Shoes I've Loved



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