not quite a tropical holiday

In November, my husband and I toyed with the idea of going on a wee holiday to somewhere warm, but for some reason we were drawn to London, as we hadn’t been down for a while. We decided to go for a long weekend and booked into the swanky Hoxton Hotel in Shoredich, and area we had never been to before.

ROA rat artwork

On getting off at Old Street, I spied this brillaint piece of street art, and knew we were staying in the right area for an artist and a photographer to visit. The area of Hoxton and Shoredich has changed from a down at heel place to one of the hippest areas I have been to. They even have their own fashion style, and they are called the Hoxton Hipsters.

poster street art seen from the hotel window

Art behind a steel fence, near the Hoxton Hotel.

Near the hotel were two great cafe bars. The Breakfast club with a distinctly 80s vibe and The Book Club on Leopold Street, that had wonderful illustrations painted onto he walls as well as a fab exhbition of drawings (sorry, I didn;t write down the name of the artist). The food was great too.

the Book Club, Leopold Street, London

Scarey Bridge Art
painting under the bridge on the other side.

On Sunday, we headed down towards Brick Lane for the market, and took in some of the great street art on the way, as well as on the street.

 This one was created by chipping the plaster away from the wall to make the tones in the face. From a distance it just looked painted!
All along Brick Lane, gems of urban art could be spotted behind the busy stalls selling vintage clothing, antiques and knocked off bike parts.

Picasso lives!
Muerte Boy

A real banksy? Who can say
The Big Chill Bar

 Every street corner was an inspiration for this artist who is tired of seeing the same old commercial and classical art out there. This art was raw, exciting and urban. It often had something to say and was free for all to enjoy. Some may hate it and see it as simply vandalism, but art like this, for me, is nothing short of absolute inspiration!

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