Studio Sale

For over 20 years I have making art full-time and this generates a lot of artworks. I only have a small studio space, so I really want to make some space for teaching and for making all the new things brewing in my brain!

Many of the paintings in this set are studies that I made at life classes or portraits of friends and family who were kind enough to sit for me when I was perfecting my craft as a classical figure painter. Although I love them all, as they each teach me something, or remind me of a happy time, I have gathered a rather large collection. Now I feel it is time to release them to you, my followers and collectors.

I usually exhibit and sell my work through galleries, but I thought this was a great opportunity to connect with you,  directly and get to know you. It also gives you a chance to own an original painting or drawing by me, at a much lower cost than if purchasing a framed work.

I will also be adding new pieces in the summer and the autumn, so signing up to my newsletter or following me on social media, will make sure that you don’t miss out!

*The works will be available online for a limited time only and may be randomly destroyed or painted over as the mood takes me.