I was invited to submit work into a small group show called Gandolfi Loves Tunnocks. The show was a spin off from the larger event at the Glasgow Print Studio in the spring of this year, where my saucy tunnocks inspired painting flew out the door the day after the opening.

Since it was a show by printmakers, I decided to try my first piece of digital art. I had a couple of old Barbie dolls lying around my studio so I thought about making a pin-up girl for the Tunnock’s brand. I used the wrappers to make swimming costumes, then painted the doll’s faces to be more 50s inspired. The hair was styled and a backdrop of the seaside was painted before organising a shoot with my professional photographer husband, Trevor Wilson

I wanted the image to be like an old fashioned postard so I found a card with the fancy edges and scanned it to make a mask over the image. I then added a Glasgow postmark, since Tunnocks is based just outside the city. I got the giclee printed by Ian at Lighthouse Photographics who was very patient in achieving the washed out colour effect that I was after.

Here is the finished print with the model and a teacake. I also submitted a mini version of the painting that sold at the last show. Sadly, the print was not hung as part of the show it was intended for as there was, apparently, not enough room for both pieces and the painting went better with the other work.  It was still very disappointing after all the work in getting it produced, but I am sure she will enjoy her debut as part of the show at Bon Papillon opening at the end of November.

I am also hoping to have my new online shop ready in early December, so keep your eyes peeled, or sign up to this blog for updates.

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